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Meet Patricia Renzetti, MA, LPC

Patricia Renzetti offers a rare combination of education, skills and experience, which serves all of her counseling clients, but uniquely qualifies her to help performers—dancers, musicians, actors, athletes and others.

Her counseling philosophy is centered on the concept of maintaining healthy mind, body and spirit. In her life and career, Patricia reveres the arts as part of a spiritual life, recognizing movement and creativity as essential spiritual elements.

Education and Professional Certification
Licensed Professional Counselor.
Nationally Certified Counselor.
Master of Arts Degree in Counseling Psychology, University of Colorado, with specialization in couples and families.
Certified EMDR Therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing—a highly successful technique for treatment of trauma)
Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance-Choreography, University of Iowa

Professional Counseling Experience
Contract Therapist, Lost and Found Family Counseling Center
On-Call Counselor, Arapahoe House Adolescent Residential Treatment Center
Facilitator, Wings—support group for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse
Information and Referral Advocate, Women’s Resource and Action Center, University of Iowa
Practicum Counselor, Counseling Center of the University of Colorado at Denver

Other Counseling Experience
Advised and counseled parents and students as Academy Director at Colorado Ballet
Lay counseling with alcoholic women in a Colorado prison setting

Dance Experience
Patricia entered the counseling profession after a three-decade international career as a ballerina.

She was the Principal Ballerina with Colorado Ballet, 1987-1995
Danced principal roles with international companies including:

  • London Festival Ballet
  • Scapino Ballet, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Estonia Theater Ballet
  • Teatro Communale di Firenze—
    Florence, Italy
  • Iranian National Ballet, Tehran
  • Israel Ballet, Tel Aviv
  • Dortmund Theater Ballet, Germany
  • Ballet West, Salt Lake City
  • Maryland Ballet
  • Companies in Osaka, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan

She was Director of the Academy of Colorado Ballet and its performance company, Colorado Ballet II

She has taught a wide range of classes in Ballet and Dance History at:

  • University of Iowa
  • University of Colorado
  • University of Wyoming (including lectures on Eating Disorders)
  • University of Northern Colorado
  • Taipei University of the Arts
  • Colorado Ballet
  • Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater, Denver
  • Kim Robards Dance, Denver
  • Between the Bones Dance Studio, Denver
  • Ballet Ariel, Denver
  • Cedar Rapids Dance Studio, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Artistic Body, Denver
  • A Living Arts Centre, Denver
  • Other schools and companies in Sydney, Australia; Taipei, Taiwan; Osaka and Tokyo, Japan; New Jersey; Louisiana; Florida

She has judged dance and choreography competitions for

  • Southwestern Regional Dance Festival
  • New York based Youth Grand Prix Ballet Competition


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